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The Crime Life is a new browser based online MMORPG. You can play an exciting and different life, meet new friends and have fun.
We aim to give you the best gaming RPG experience where your views are always welcome with us. Whether it is an improvement you would like to see or a new update you would like to see. We have a crew of dedicated staff here to help. Please don't hesitate to give us your view.

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You walk down the street, the cool breeze arises goose pimples on your arms. You look around sharply to see if there is anyone following you. This is a rough town - you don’t want to get caught by the wrong people. You walk a little faster as the fog starts to creep around the alleyway. There is a gun shot in the distance - another poor sole lost their life because of the gang wars. You hear someone running behind you so you start sprinting towards the nearest door. You open up the door and run into a brightly lit room - it had 6-7 men in dressed like the mafia. They look at you with surprise. The big one walks over to you with a form, cigar smoke pouring from inside of his mouth. He smiles as he hands over the sheets; you see a hint of gold inside of his mouth. Looking at the top of the form, you read. Gang Application. What do you do, sign up and get in a war or bail and get shot in the back. You know too much, but it’s your choice.
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The Crime Life is a Mass Multi Player Online Role Playing Game, (MMORPG). The game is free and there are friendly staff. You can meet new people, experience a new, exciting life and have fun.LoginSchool Reflex Technology IEC61508 isystem unicoi reflex reflex technology sciopta arm arm7 arm9 bdm boards circuit emulator coldfire compilers debugger debuggers debugging development development environment development tools embedded embedded development embedded masterclass embedded tools emulator emulators etm file system flash freescale fusion iar integrated development integrated development environment intel jtag jtag emulators jtag test linux masterclass microcontroller microprocessor microprocessor development microprocessor development tools mips misra nec nexus operating systems powerpc processor programmers programming renesas rtos safety safety critical simulator stack systems tcp technologies technology trace
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